SOUL Karate (School of Unexpected Learning) focuses on building a class community that fosters leadership, encourages mentoring, and promotes individual confidence building and goal achievement in a non-competitive environment.

The mission of SOUL Karate is to foster the growth of each child’s individual abilities while building a strong sense of community. Students are encouraged towards opportunities for leadership without creating a competitive atmosphere. Unlike most traditional martial arts, in which a belt hierarchy is firmly adhered to within class, respect for students of all ages and abilities is encouraged through mentorship and cooperative exercises. Students will experience an environment of consistent encouragement through repetition, structured discipline, and clear expectations. Experience is recognized, but even more importantly, effort is rewarded.

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  1. K.A.Bodwin
    Mar 14, 2014 @ 23:32:54

    I am very impressed with the philosophy behind SOUL Karate – especially the last sentence!



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